We provide analysis and assessment of the existing position of a commercial real estate asset (territory, shopping center, MFC), give an opinion, recommendations, develop planning solutions, test the concept on real operators - we get feedback on readiness to enter the project, develop a rental budget, hold meetings with the owner, we help to form a strategy for further or primary development.

We rent out retail properties of various formats: from street retail to large shopping centers. We have an experienced team that has implemented projects of varying degrees of complexity and positioning: premium shopping centers, children’s, sports, in difficult locations, in a difficult competitive environment, shopping centers with the need to develop a unique competitive advantage (food hall, unique anchor operator or services, entertainment component, etc. .). We have a great base of contacts. We know the retail market, and he knows us.

Our deep knowledge of the market, retail, architectural and design subtleties, and most importantly, a wide network of contacts between developers and retailers, allow us to quickly and timely find a potential buyer / seller of various types of real estate. In addition, we will evaluate the project, prepare an investment memorandum and will accompany the project at all stages until the transaction is completed.

Taking into account the goals and specifics of retailers, we will develop a development strategy, evaluate the market and offer the best rental offers. For new international retailers, we also offer services for finding a potential partner - franchisee, entering into a partnership agreement. In addition, we are ready to provide services for the evaluation of existing lease agreements, the harmonization (renegotiation) of more favorable conditions with the Owners.


We solve problems of varying degrees of complexity, both at the decision-making stage of owners to enter the project, and at the stage of reconception, redevelopment, and rethinking of the future existing asset. We evaluate the prospects from the point of view of market indicators and trends, as well as the existing architectural, engineering qualities, location, competitive environment of both existing and potential commercial real estate projects that can be placed on the site.